Streettalk Advanced Driver Training

May 26, 2014 at 12:37 PM

Streettalk advanced driver training can help any driver be safer behind the wheel.

The course is designed to teach effective defensive driving techniques that encourage defensiveness rather than aggressive driving. It shows drivers that it's okay to maintain a constant speed and drive safely; aware of your surroundings, the vehicles around you, and the conditions on the road.

One of the best attributes of the course and the reason why it's taken by young drivers is because it reduces the minimum age to obtain a license and full car from 18 years old to 17.5.

Additionally, the amount of the time that you are on a restricted license will be reduced to three or six months depending on how old you are.

The Streettalk programme is a fun and interactive way to learn from a qualified driving instructor. The course consists of four complete class sessions with a one hour assessment done behind the wheel.

During the class you will learn advanced driving techniques and how to maintain control more effectively in a dangerous situation.

The fundamentals of driving, such as making the correct decisions and managing risk will also be covered throughout the course.

Will you get the experience you need to be safe behind the wheel?

With just four in class sessions and one real drive, it's hard to say that you'll be perfectly ready for the road. The in-class sessions provides the driver with an understanding for the road, the dangers of other vehicles, and traffic laws.

It's a thorough and highly informative class that's beneficial for any driver. Streettalk advanced driver training allows even those with no experience at all to practice driving and learn the knowledge that's needed to safely drive a vehicle.

Driving defensively prevents accidents

Defensive driving has saved many lives since its introduction as a course. The practices taught through the Streettalk advanced driver training course can undoubtedly help you prevent accidents.

How can I get my license six months earlier?

The only way to get your license six months earlier than the legally allowed date is to complete the Streettalk advanced driver training course. The course is legally approved to reduce the minimum age required to obtain a license by six full months.

What are your experiences of the Streetalk course?

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