StreetTalk Defensive Driving at A1 Driving School Auckland

May 31, 2013 at 2:30 PM

StreetTalk Defensive Driving

Lets talk Streettalk. It could be the best one-sided conversation you'll ever be involved in, because a Streettalk defensive driving course will help you get your full licence sooner – and there's also the very real possibility that it could save your life, and the lives of those you love.

Who Is Streettalk For?

Short answer: Everyone. All motorists, be they learner drivers or fully licensed, can benefit from a Streettalk defensive driving course. If you hold a learner's licence, you will require a supervisor as you tackle the practical homework assignment which is part of the Streettalk course. As you'll also need some driving experience to be able to fully participate in the course, we recommend you have at least 30 hours of driving practice under your belt before you enrol.

Defensive Driving Is Not Boring

We guarantee the Streettalk course will not bore you to tears. It's an intense, interactive course that keeps you on your toes – just four two-hour classroom sessions followed by a one-on-one practical session. You'll learn life-saving skills such as how to recognize driving hazards and avoid dangerous situations. It's the sort of theoretical and practical information that everyone should learn – but all too few do. A quick look at crash statistics will bear that out.

Reduce Your Restricted Licence Period

On completing the Streettalk defensive driving course, you'll become eligible for a sizeable reduction in the restricted licence period. You probably already know that, and that is possibly a major reason why you are considering enrolling in the first place! Of course, you should be rewarded for doing a defensive driving course, but we hope Streettalk has more benefits than minimising the amount of time you have to wait before you gain your full licence. The updated Streettalk course does have added benefits, namely the inclusion of new skills which will help Learner and Restricted drivers pass the new driving tests. This knowledge is pure gold as you face the current testing procedures, which are much tougher than ever before.

Looking Ahead

Let's, for just a moment, forget about the short-term benefits of a Streettalk course. If you can see beyond the excitement of getting your licence, and the challenges of the new driving tests, you'll see the long term benefits of a Streettalk defensive driving course. As a new driver, you are armed with skills and knowledge that immediately make you a safer motorist. Think of the responsibility of carrying passengers – possibly your young family – and try and imagine how much safer they will be because you are a defensive driver. Look forward to getting behind the wheel at the start of any journey, and realise that you have the ability and confidence to make it to your destination in one piece. Those are the long term rewards of doing a Streettalk course. There are many benefits to a Streettalk defensive driving course. That's why we urge you to enrol in one today. Contact us and we'll arrange to make you a safer, better driver...and yes, we'll also help you get your licence sooner!

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