System Of Car Control

November 25, 2015 at 12:54 PM

On your driving test, your testing officer will be giving you directions to where they would like you to go when approaching an intersection.

The ideal order to use when going through intersections is:

1. Mirror check - when going straight, check your rear vision mirror

                        when turning left, check your rear vision + left mirror

                        when turning right, check your rear vision + right mirror

2. Scan/ search ahead - anticipate the traffic situation ahead

3. Indicate - indicate your intentions when turning

4. Position - move your vehicle to the left when turning left or to the right when turning right

5. Brake smoothly - slow down early so you have more time to anticipate  

6. Change gears - change gears if driving a manual vehicle

7. Gap selection - select a safe gap in the traffic

8. Accelerate smoothly - smoothly move away fom the intersection

9. Mirror check - recheck your rear vision mirror once through the intersection

By using this order, you will have checked your mirrors well before the intersection and you can fully concentrate on what's in front of you (gap selection/ decision making).

This order should be used when dealing with any type of hazard, but possibly without some of the above steps.

A hazard could be described as anything in your path that requires your attention. Example: Intersections, speed bumps, a bend in the road, pedestrians, cyclists, a pedestrian crossing etc.

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