The Safe Driver. Lessons Are Essential

February 17, 2015 at 12:36 PM

Safety on the road is not the responsibility of some of us, but that of all of us. To eliminate injuries and death due to road accidents, it will take the collective efforts of all road users. This includes you; the driver. It is thus in the interest of everyone that all drivers get the right quality of skills before they are allowed on our roads.

the_safe_driver-lessons_are_essential.jpgTraining is a crucial component in the development of a safe driver. Professional driver training for all would-be drivers is recommended to ensure that the proper skills are imparted to the learner.

Reasons why professional driving lessons make for safer drivers:

  • Proper understanding of road signs – The ability to interpret and understand road signs is one the most important skills a driver should have. Road signs are meant to protect you and other road drivers. A professional trainer will teach you the meaning of different road signs to ensure that you and others on the road are safe at all times.
  • Safety skills and manoeuvres – a professional driver instructor will be able to teach you safety manoeuvres and skills you can use in case of an emergency to avoid accidents.
  • Defensive driving techniques -   Driving schools provide sessions on defensive driving. This provides the driver with hands-on experience by practising with simulated road situations. This enables the student to learn how to react in real time in a split of a second making sure that everyone is safe.
  • Skills upgrade – Professional trainers offer courses for drivers who want to operate specific types of vehicles such as trucks. This helps the driver gain knowledge and experience in operating the vehicle reducing the risk of on-the-site accidents significantly.
  • Lessons are taught by accredited professional instructors – Professional driving instructors are accredited by the NZTA. This means that these trainers have undergone the necessary amount of training that is required for proper provision of driver education.
  • Use of structured learning programs – This ensures that the trainer touches on all the important stuff that a new driver needs to learn for them to be safe on the road.
  • The trainers experience - Professional driving instructors possess invaluable road safety experience that is passed on to the driving student. This further enhances the safety of the driver.
  • Availability of the proper teaching tools - A driving school will have all the proper teaching tools to teach new drivers. Learning with the right teaching tools enhances the competence of a learner making him more aware on the road.
  • Adequate hands on experience for students – Professional driving instructors make sure that the driving course is long enough so that the driver gets the minimum hours of on-road driving experience. The more the hours of experience, the safer the driver will be.
  • Increased driver confidence – professionals are able to build the learners confidence through adequate training and supervision. Confident drivers make for safe drivers.

Acquiring driving skills from a professional ensures that you get the necessary training on road safety for yourself and others.

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