Too Many People Using Mobiles While Driving

May 23, 2014 at 12:24 PM

The NZ Herald recently published an interesting but very alarming article ( on mobile phone use while driving.

On a short stretch of road, police captured over 49 motorists either talking or texting on their phone while driving, putting not just themselves, but other drivers at risk as well.

Police are urging the public to re-evaluate their driving habits and understand that no call or text is worth putting a life at risk.

A study was previously conducted 18 months earlier, with only 29 drivers spotted using their phones at that time.

The increase in mobile phone usage suggests that drivers are becoming less concerned with the laws and more concerned with their private lives.

Business owners even say they often encourage their drivers to take calls on the road, as an extra client can make a difference for the company and it's worth risking a ticket for.

Police say this is the kind of dangerous thinking that results in accidents and deaths on the road and it has got to stop.

Inattention for just a moment can result in very serious consequences.

What are your thoughts?

Category: Driving Statistics