Top 5 Benefits From a Defensive Driving Course

November 18, 2014 at 4:35 PM

Whether you are a new driver or an experienced one, a defensive driving course can really make the difference between getting involved in an accident or avoiding it altogether. Those who are unprepared for the situation up ahead may not know what they should do next. When you take defensive driver training , you are prepared for most of these types of situations so that you know exactly what to do.

Some people are court-ordered to take defensive driving courses by Judges if they are involved in motor vehicle offenses. When these people take these courses, it can mean a reduction of penalties and fines on their driving record, so it is definitely in their best interests to take these types of courses.

Defensive driving teaches many young people important driving techniques and how to improve essential skills. It helps them to anticipate situations that might develop as they drive and can prevent accidents from occurring.

Here are the top five benefits from a defensive driving course:

1. In some cases, insurance companies will provide a very reasonable cost discount on insurance which can add up to a great deal of money over a year. Insurance companies know that defensive driving courses teach students very important lessons in how to separate emotion from the task at hand, which is focussing on the road and this alone can save lives and prevent accidents.

2. Defensive driving can reduce driving risks. Drivers who have taken these courses instinctively anticipate dangerous situations and are better able to avoid risks that may occur. They also understand the importance of making allowances for adverse driving conditions such as bad weather. Defensive driving courses teach control of fear, snap decision making, quick reaction time, emergency care and safety.

3. A defensive driving course will show a person what to do in the event that they find themselves involved in a road rage situation. These incidences are happening more and more with people being more stressed out, having less patience and overreacting to small driver errors. These can lead to people having confrontations and in some cases can lead to serious accidents and even death. Defensive driving courses can show drivers ways to avoid these situations.

4. These courses can teach people how to be responsible and careful drivers who will avoid accidents and not be the cause of them.

5. Taking defensive driving courses can help drivers to be aware of what other drivers may do and react to those moves in a manner that will help them to remain safe and avoid a collision. If drivers can avoid a collision, then they will prevent injury not only to themselves but to the other driver.

If you have been thinking about taking a defensive driving course but are not sure if it would benefit you, now is a really great time to get it done. Ask us how we can help:

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