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January 15, 2013 at 9:28 PM

Why learner drivers should get professional lessons

Learner drivers are doing it tough when it comes to passing the practical test required to gain their restricted licence. The New Zealand Transport Agency has made that part of the graduated licensing system much harder to pass - something to consider as you begin the journey that is 'learning to drive'. To greatly increase your chances of passing the test, learner drivers are statistically better off being taught by fully qualified instructors.

Learner Driver Safety

Learning to drive goes beyond getting your licence. It's all about enjoying years and years of safe driving. We want you to live! New Zealand has the highest road fatality rate in the OECD for 16 and 17 year olds. In 2011, young drivers aged 15-24 were involved in 80 fatal crashes, more than 540 serious injury crashes and nearly three thousand minor injury crashes. No wonder the NZTA made the practical test more difficult! As a learner driver, taught by us, you not only gain your licence – we also help you to learn defensive driving techniques, to help you to become a better driver, for life.

How the Restricted Licence Test has changed

nzta_logo.gifIn a bid to improve driving standards, particularly amongst accident-prone younger drivers, The New Zealand Transport Agency toughened up the practical test required to gain a restricted licence. As an agency spokesperson said; “It's important that we remember what this new test is all about. Reducing needless deaths and injuries on our roads, improving the standards of young and novice drivers and encouraging them to take the time to develop their skills." The impact of the tougher test has been immediate, and startling.

Learner drivers fail at alarming rates

Immediately after it was introduced in February, 2012, the overall pass rate plummeted from 80% to 39%! Today, months after tougher standards were imposed; the failure rate is still more than 50%. Learner drivers have been given a message – turn up to the test with the required skills and at least 120 hours of on-road experience or pay the consequences.

The secret to passing your driving test

We don't expect you to pay for 120 hours of profession tuition! But a solid foundation in professional driving lessons will be of huge benefit. Let us teach you good driving habits, and then let a fully licensed driver sit beside you while you put into practice what we have taught you. Come back to us for refresher lessons – after all, most test examiners fail learner drivers because basic mistakes are made. As professional tutors, we're trained to detect those mistakes and correct them. We won't let you get into bad habits.

The winning formula for learner drivers

While we can't guarantee any learner driver a first time pass, we do recommend a winning combination that will not only give you the best possible chance at passing but will set you up for safe driving for life. 1. Professional foundations lessons with a qualified driving instructor 2. Minimum 120 hours practice time with a parent or friend in all conditions (rain, sleet, snow, darkness and heavy traffic – especially vital for driver education in Auckland, Wellington and other big cities) 3. Minimum 2 preparation lessons with a qualified driving instructor

Learning to drive for a lifetime

All learner drivers have one goal; to get their full licence. While we'll help you reach that stage, we have other goals in mind too. By picking up good habits as learner drivers, we all gain the skills required to enjoy a lifetime of motoring. Let us teach you what you really need to know, and back that up with on-road experience before you apply to sit the practical test. If you undertake 120 hours of supervised practice as a learner driver you're 40% less likely to crash than learner drivers who only do 50 hours. Getting it right from the start is the most important decision you can make!

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