What Exactly is Advanced Driver Training?

May 19, 2014 at 6:52 PM

Advanced driver training is a safe and methodical way to learn how to drive, above and beyond the basic lessons required to pass your initial test. It teaches a driver to think about a variety of situations and to anticipate changes in the conditions and road ahead of them. This helps them to plan the way they will drive and prepares them to deal with any situations that may arise as they drive.

When you take an advanced driving course, you are learning how to safely control the position and speed of your car systematically and in a very smooth manner. You will learn how to maintain a positive and courteous attitude with a very high standard of driving competence. This requires a certain amount of concentration, constant observation, being able to anticipate situations and plan ahead.

Advanced driver training teaches drivers to be able to handle their vehicle in any situation, at the correct speed, using the right gear. It also teaches a driver to be able to stop safely at the correct distance behind another vehicle.

What are the benefits of Advanced Driver Training?

When you undertake advance driver instruction you will reduce your risk of being involved in a crash. This is because you will be able to more easily anticipate the situation unfolding before your eyes on the road ahead of you and make the necessary corrections required to avoid a collision or other incident.

When you learn advanced driving techniques you learn the most cost effective way to drive your vehicle and reduce fuel consumption. This is very important, especially with today’s high petrol prices. When you drive in a smoother manner your vehicle will incur less wear and tear.

Drivers that take advanced driver training are sometimes eligible for some insurance discounts – check with your provider. They may also enjoy a much shorter restricted licence period and be able to acquire their permanent drivers licence more quickly.

Can You Take Advanced Driver Training?

Absolutely! If you have a valid learner’s licence and have already had some driver training, you can take advanced driver training or a Defensive Driving Course.

For many young drivers, it is expensive to learn to drive and to insure a vehicle so shortening the time spent to learn driving can save money.
Advanced driver training can give you the confidence that you need to be in full control of your vehicle at all times and avoid any situation that can put you in the path of danger.

If you have taken a Defensive Driving Course, what are your thoughts on the benefits to you?

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