What Should I do When I have an Accident

July 18, 2014 at 1:28 PM

One of the best reasons for taking driving lessons with a professional driving instructor is to help you to avoid being involved in an accident.

A professional driving instructor will show you exactly what to do if you find yourself in a situation that may lead to being involved in an accident. Evasive action is not always the first reaction of inexperienced drivers.

Learning how to be a defensive driver comes with experience and time behind the wheel. As you learn to drive, you start to become more intuitive about other drivers on the road and learn to react to actions that they take.

There are times when the weather conditions are too nasty or the roads are not what you expected. There are times when a collision is inevitable.

You see the accident unfolding in front of you in slow motion and you are helpless to stop it. Try not to tense up your body, steer away from the other vehicle and slow down as much as possible. Once the collision has occurred, and you have determined that you are okay, get out of the vehicle and check the other driver. Do not try to move anyone from their vehicle.

Contact emergency personnel on 111, including ambulance and police. If any fuel is spilled on the road, ask for the fire department as well.

Make notes of the time that the accident occurred, what the road condition was like, and as much detail as you can remember.

If possible take photos of the accident scene. Your vehicle will probably be removed by a tow truck if it has sustained any damage.

Always remain on scene until the police and other emergency personnel arrive.

You are required by law to exchange registration information and insurance details with the other driver.

If neither of you is able to deal with the other due to injury or some other reason, provide these details to the police for their report.

Contact your insurance company as soon as you are able to get your claim started. If you are experiencing any pain or other unusual symptoms, you should attend your local emergency room or see a doctor to have yourself checked over.

Your insurance company will attend to the repair of your car and determine liability once they have received the police report.

It is best to avoid accidents altogether by taking driving lessons to teach you how to be a good defensive driver. Even the best drivers have an accident once in a while, so when this occurs, it is best to proceed through the various steps that are required.

The process after an accident includes starting a claim with your insurance company and determining who was responsible for the accident.

The starting point is to get in touch with the police and obtain the police accident report number.

This is the reference point for all of the paperwork to follow. Whoever is liable will be covered by their insurance company if they have adequate insurance.

No one should ever be driving without proper insurance coverage in the event that an accident occurs.

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