Young Drivers Stop Distracting Your Mates!

June 20, 2014 at 1:41 PM

The NZ Transport Agency’s Director of Road Safety, Ernst Zollner has said that distractions are especially dangerous for younger drivers.

Evidence shows that there is an increased risk of fatal crashes when young drivers have passengers in their car. As the amount of passengers increases, so does the risk when compared to driving alone. The risk also increases when passengers in the vehicle are close to the age of the driver.


Zollner says that many young adults see a car as a place where they can hang out with mates and this can lead to driver distraction and accidents.

He wants to focus the attention on the issue with a series of outdoor, cinema and online ads which are aimed at encouraging young passengers to think about what they do in a car and how it might affect a mate’s ability to operate a car safely.

The campaign is aimed at helping young passengers (18 – 25) to recognise that they may be a part of the problem of driver distraction.

Simple acts like turning up the music or yelling at mates can affect their concentration and lead to a crash Zollner stated.


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