You're a Learner Driver? Top 5 Tips for Success

June 13, 2014 at 5:35 AM

Once you have enough experience behind the wheel then you will be ready to take your driving exam and get your driver’s licence. Here are five of the most common tips for those who are learning to drive:

  • Invest in lessons with a driving instruction school. Family and friends may seem like a good choice, but a driving instructor will give you the best possible driving education. An instructor is impartial and professional and will teach you how to drive the right way, following the rules of the road and how to respect other drivers and your vehicle while driving.
  • Always be courteous. If you feel angry or upset or tired, it is not a good idea to get behind the wheel of a car. A car can be a weapon if it is used in the wrong way and this can lead to people getting hurt or killed. Never drive if you are in a bad mood and can’t concentrate on driving correctly.


  • Never speed. Speeding is never a good idea, and if you are a novice driver you can lose control of your vehicle and get into a serious crash. This can not only hurt you but can injure or kill other people too. If you are caught speeding before you are a fully licensed driver you may never move from being a learner driver to a fully licensed driver. 
  • Always conduct a safety check of your vehicle before you get behind the wheel. Check to see that all of the tyres are inflated correctly, nothing is loose under the vehicle and the mirrors are adjusted correctly. Fasten your safety belt, adjust your seat to a comfortable position and make sure that anyone else who is in the car with you is also wearing their seat belt.
  • Never text and drive. If you have a cell phone, put it away or turn it off before you start your car. There is nothing more important than giving your full focus to the road and to driving. If you learn to focus as a learner driver then you will retain this focus as a fully licensed driver. Using a handheld device is illegal in many countries for very good reason. It is dangerous and can lead to a serious collision because you are not focusing on the road like you should be.

As a learner driver, it is very important to focus on the road and on all of the rules of the road. Once you have obtained your full license, there are certain things that you can let slide a little bit, but learning means that you must adhere to all of the rules of the road. Driving is one of the most complicated things that you will learn to do in your life and it is important to learn to do it well right from the moment you first get behind the wheel.

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