Information on our 5 Lesson Package Deal:

  • You don’t need to book all 5 lessons at once and there’s no time limit to complete the 5 lessons.
  • Once you make the first booking and before you "check out", there is an option to make more bookings. Alternatively you can use the “existing customer sign in” option to make more bookings at a later stage.
  • To keep consistency, we strongly recommend you stick with the same instructor for your lessons and to take advantage of the 5 lesson package deal, this is a must!
  • When you make more bookings after the first lesson, make sure to pick the name of the instructor that you’ve already done lessons with, so you keep the same instructor. When you get down to the “instructor” part of the booking, change this from “choose one” to the name of the instructor.
  • We charge $80 per lesson with a package deal of 5 lessons for $380.
  • With the package deal, you can still pay per lesson, $80 for the first 4 lessons each and on the fifth lesson you only pay $60!
  • No need to do anything extra when you make your bookings. Our instructors will apply the discount to the fifth lesson when they "accept" your booking. Don't worry if they forget, simply remind your instructor on the day of your lesson and adjust your payment accordingly.



What Do You Get With This Driving Lesson Package?

  • Includes pick up and drop off anywhere within our service area. The pick-up address must be the same as the drop off address unless arranged differently with your instructor.
  • Includes mock test or pre-test warm up lesson. These can be done from your home or meeting at the VTNZ testing area. Normally the lessons are from your home, so if you want to meet the instructor at a VTNZ station, put this information in the “requirements” field of your booking.
  • Your lessons can be conducted over 1 or 2 hours. Normally our lessons are 1 hour, but if you want to do a longer lesson, put this in the “requirements” field of your booking (for beginner drivers we recommend to only do 1 hour lessons each time).
  • The package deal lessons can be booked for any time or day.
  • The package deal lessons can be booked on the same day and time each week if you prefer.


Talk to the qualified driving instructors at A1 Driving School today on 022 304 3456.