Your Driving Test

November 14, 2022 at 7:08 PM

Preparing For Your Driving Test

Before you can even consider sitting for your driving test, a lot of preparation needs to be done and that’s what will be covered here.


Book In For Professional Driving Lessons

Getting some driving practice in with a friend or relative who already has a license can prove to be handy but it can also have its drawbacks. For instance, many people develop poor driving habits; habits which, if passed on to you, could see you failing your driving test.

Therefore, it’s much safer and far more invaluable to book in for professional driving lessons with a qualified driving school such as A1 Driving School. You will be guided by professional and experienced instructors on every facet of proficient motor vehicle handling in a variety of conditions and circumstances. These instructors are qualified to teach people of all ages and you can even choose to have either a male or female instructor. Professional instructors won’t teach you bad habits and it’s the best way to learn how to drive and be confident when you go for your driving test.


Practice Between Professional Lessons

Getting some extra practice and experience in between professional lessons is also advisable. Just be sure to keep in mind what your instructor has taught you and not be tempted to adopt any poor driving habits your accompanying licensed driver may have. Simply practice what you’ve already been shown by the professionals until you are confident and proficient.


Book In For a Pre-Test Assessment

Maybe you feel like you’re ready to take on the challenge of your driving test but a small voice in the back of your mind is filling you with some doubts. One way you can be sure you’re ready and likely to pass is to book in for a pre-test driving assessment. This is also a useful way to determine if you’re ready to go for another driving test if you failed on a previous attempt.

When you go through a pre-test assessment, everything the assessor will be looking for during the actual driving test will be covered in the pre-test assessment. If your instructor concludes that you passed the test, you can book in for your actual driving test with confidence, knowing there’s an excellent chance you’re going to be approved for your license.

The pre-test can even be conducted in the zone where the actual driving test will take place. This will allow you to become familiar with the area where the test will be conducted, further bolstering your confidence levels.

If you do exhibit any poor driving habits or make a mistake, this will be pointed out to you during the assessment so you can correct those issues before you take the driving test.

Another thing you’ll want to consider when taking the pre-test assessment is to use the car that you’ll be using for the actual driving test. Every advantage you can give yourself on the day will improve your chances of being successful.


Brush Up On Your Road Rules

You must fully understand New Zealand road rules in order to successfully obtain your driver’s license, so be sure to study up on those road rules before embarking on your driving test. Break a road rule and that can spell failure for you on the day.


Taking the Test and How To Pass

The big day has arrived. You’ve booked in to take your driving test and you’re keen to be granted your license. So, what are some things you can do on the day to make life easier and ensure you pass?


Relax As Much As Possible

You’re both excited and nervous about the driving test but if you let the nerves get the better of you, it could impact your ability to drive proficiently while undertaking the practical examination.

It’s important to try and relax as much as possible in the lead up to taking the test and during the test itself. Practice some deep breathing throughout the day and right before you begin the test. These breathing exercises reduce stress and anxiety


Be Confident That You Know How To Drive

You’ve been through driving lessons and you’ve successfully gone through a pre-test assessment. Be confident going into your driving test, as the more confident you are about your driving ability, the better you will perform.

It’s important to come across as quietly confident. What you won’t want to do is get offside with your assessor by appearing over-confident or cocky. Just be inwardly confident in what you’ve learned and your ability to drive and you should do fine.


Wear Comfortable Clothes and Appropriate Shoes

Dress smart casual in comfortable clothes and footwear. What you don’t want is clothing that feels restrictive in any way or footwear that’s going to make it hard to work the pedals. What you wear to your driving test may seem like a small thing but it can be an important detail.


Keep Everything Smooth

Accelerate smoothly, brake smoothly and corner smoothly. You’ll want to avoid jerky or abrupt actions in your driving while taking the test unless an emergency arises forcing you to break hard or take evasive action. The chances of this happening are minimal though.

Also, constantly monitor your speed. You won’t want to fail because you breached the speed limit. Don’t drive too slowly either. Maintain a constant speed at the posted limit.


Key Reasons Why People Fail the Driving Test

Sometimes people fail when they take their driving test. One of the main reasons could simply be that nerves got the better of them. The more practice you have and if you undergo a pre-test assessment, this will help with your confidence and reduce those nerves.

Another reason people can fail is due to a lack of concentration. This can lead to poor operation of the motor vehicle, not obeying (or being aware of) the posted speed limit, breaking road rules and more. It’s vital to remain focused and switched on throughout the duration of the practical driving exam.

A lack of practice and preparedness is another key contributing factor that can lead to failure. Over-confidence and a boastful demeanour will also not endear you to your driving assessor.

A lack of understanding of the basic road rules is also another common reason why people fail their driving test.


The Takeaway

Obtaining your driver’s license is entirely possible if you take the necessary steps to learn how to drive in the correct manner with professional driving lessons, take a pre-test assessment and follow the advice given for what to do on the day of your driving test. To prepare for your driving test, book in for driving lessons with A1 Driving School.