10 Aspects of a Great Driving Academy

June 12, 2015 at 10:45 PM

Joining a driving academy should be not for the sole purpose of helping you pass the driving test. Passing the driving test is only part of learning to drive.

You also need to acquire the necessary skills to keep both yourself and other road users out of harm’s way when you get behind the wheel.

To get these essential skills that will keep you safe on the road, you’ll need to enrol in a good driving academy. A good driving academy is one that focuses on the well-being of all road users: if you successfully teach a person how to drive safely, then that person is well on the way to being able to pass the driving test.

So what are the aspects of a great driving academy?

Equipment – A great driving school has all the necessary equipment to train a new driver. They have an easy to drive vehicle with dual controls, teaching aids and other learning materials that you will require during training.

Certified instructors – A proper driving school has qualified instructors who have been certified by the NTZA. This means they possess the necessary skills and have undergone adequate training before they start teaching. 

Experienced instructors – The more experienced the instructors are, the better they are at doing their jobs. Driving instructors with years’ worth of experience will be in a better position to train new drivers.

Curriculum – The academy’s curriculum needs to touch on all the important aspects of driver training which should be adhered to.

Teaching methods – Great driving schools use the most appropriate and not the most convenient, methods to pass knowledge on to their students.

Additional courses – These courses are offered to enhance the proficiency of the driver. They may be included in the curriculum or offered as an additional option. 

Flexibility of schedules – Juggling between your other responsibilities and learning how to drive can sometimes be difficult. A good driving academy should be able to adjust its schedule to make it convenient for the learner to attend lessons.

Individualised teaching plans – The instructor assigned to you should be able to develop a personalised teaching plan that is in line with the academy’s curriculum to suit your specific needs.

Payment plans – Not all people can afford to pay the academy’s fees in one lump sum. A good academy offers flexible payment plans so that learning is not interrupted due to financial restraints.

Professionalism – Before you finish your training, you’ll have to spend several hours in the company of a stranger (your instructor). Instructors who are both friendly and professional will make this time enjoyable and lessons more fruitful.

At A1 driving school, we pride ourselves on being the best. We will strive to not only help you ace your exam but to also become a competent, safe and responsible driver.

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