10 Reasons why a Professional Driving Instructor is Better than Your Parents

September 26, 2014 at 11:52 AM

You may wonder what the difference is between learning to drive with your parents and taking driving classes with a qualified driving instructor. Many parents believe that they can teach their children to drive and one of the main reasons that they have this belief is because their parents taught them to drive.

Here are 10 reasons why a professional driving instructor is better than your parents:

  1. A professional driving instructor does not know you personally, so they do not have a personal relationship with you that might get in the way of imparting all of the driving knowledge that you require.
  2. A parent can pass on some of their bad driving habits.
  3. Parents can tend to panic, overreact or become stressed when in the car with their trainee child.
  4.  Driving lessons with a professional can help the learning driver to gain ALL the skills that they need to know in order to pass a driving test.  They are professionals!
  5. Just because a parent has had their license for several decades does not make them the best trainer. There may be newer techniques and lessons an older driver is not aware of and will not pass on to their child.
  6. A driving instructor's vehicle is required to be completely safe and road-worthy while a parent may not always fully inspect their vehicle before each outing.
  7. Professional drivers must pass a series of exams in order to be qualified to instruct other people how to drive. 
  8. Professional instructors teach defensive driving skills and many other important skills that are necessary to help a young driver predict what lies ahead and how they can avoid a collision.  They have the experience in imparting this knowledge.
  9. When a young driver takes lessons with a professionally trained driving instructor they are eligible for a discount in their car insurance which can be much higher for younger drivers.
  10. Finally, a professional driving instructor does that for a living and so has experience and knowledge to cover all aspects of what is required to learn to drive and to pass the test. 

If your parent is also a driving instructor, then you get the best of both worlds!!

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