All About Driving Lessons FAQ

April 04, 2016 at 5:32 AM

Q: Should I learn in an automatic or manual car?

A: We would recommend to learn in a manual car. If you know how to drive a manual car there are no restrictions to the type of vehicle you can drive. Manual vehicles are still a popular choice with trades people, the council and businesses.


Q: Is it better to get a manual or automatic license?

A: If you get your license on a manual car you can drive both manual cars and automatic. If you get your license on an automatic car, you can only drive an automatic car untill you get your full license.


Q: Can I use my own car for driving lessons with A1?

A: Yes you can, but depending on the type of license you hold and the amount of driving experience you have, it may be safer to initially use one of our vehicles with dual controls.


Q: How long does a driving lesson go for?

A: We usually do 1 hour lessons, but we can do longer lessons if you prefer.


Q: Why should I use a driving instructor?

A: Driving instructors are professionally trained to teach people how to drive. You may pick up a lot of “bad” habits when learning from a friend or family member. It is much safer to learn in a vehicle with dual controls.


Q: Where does the driving instructor pick me up from?

A: The normal pick up is from your house unless arranged differently.


Q: Are there any extra benefits to driving lessons?

A: Learning from a professional. Using a dual controlled vehicle purposely set up for training. Learning the correct ways of doing things. Knowing what to expect on your driving test. Doing a mock test to establish if you are ready to sit the test.

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