Are Cheap Driving Lessons Worth it?

July 16, 2014 at 1:16 PM

Cheap driving lessons sound great but you have to be careful because they are not always the best value.

Every driving lesson should be comprehensive, teaching the skills that are needed to be a safe, considerate, confident and competent driver. Many driving schools offer lessons, but some offer them at a very low price and you may wonder if this is a great deal. It can be tempting to choose the driving school that offers driving lessons for the lowest cost that you are able to find. But how can you be sure that the lessons that you are paying for are a good value?

Why Cheap Driving Lessons are not Worth It in the Long Run

Everyone loves to get a great deal and cheap driving lessons are no exception. You might feel like you are getting a great deal because you saved so much money, but there is a little more to it than that. When you learn to drive you are learning very important skills that you will need for the rest of your life. When you learn to drive correctly under the professional teaching of a skilled driving instructor then you will be road-ready now and in the future.

The experience of a good driving instructor is simply priceless. They can teach new driver not only how to drive, but how to drive defensively, how to read other drivers on the road and how to predict and respond to, what will unfold in front of them as they drive.

Driving schools that charge too little may be cutting a few corners just to turn a profit. It may be that the instructor that you end up learning under is not very experienced. It could also be that the instructor you are learning from may not be a qualified NZTA instructor.

Another factor to consider with cheaper driving lessons may be that you are learning to drive in an unreliable vehicle. There is nothing good about not being able to have a complete driving lesson because the vehicle you are learning in has broken down. If you see a fantastic deal on a driving school then you should proceed carefully.

Some instructors that give cheap driving lessons may not be certified under the NZTA. The NZTA requires all instructors to take a course and become certified for each class of driver licence that they want to teach. If an instructor is teaching students how to get their Class 1 driver licence then the instructor will need an I(1) endorsement. The prerequisite is that they need to have held a New Zealand Driver Licence in the class they want to instruct in for at least two years prior to applying for certification.

They will also need to complete an approved driving instructor course, submit an application form, have their eyesight tested, pass the fit and proper person check, pass a practical driving test and pay the testing fees. In some cases they may be required to provide a medical certificate.

Before you decide to go with cheap driving lessons, find out what you get for the price that you are paying. Ask about the vehicles that will be used, ask about the qualifications and experience of the instructors and base your decision on those types of things, not the cost alone.

Consider the Experience and Knowledge of the Instructor

When you are looking for professional driving instruction, you want to find affordable instruction of course, but you also want to go with a school that is experienced and knowledgeable.

The courses that you take should ensure that you are fit to be on the road because you can be putting a lot of other people in danger if you are not a very good driver.

The driving tests that new drivers must pass these days are much more complicated and difficult than tests of even just a few decades ago.

These written and driving tests are designed to ensure that everyone who is on the road is a good driver with the right qualifications.

Remember to look into the credentials of the school and ask for the qualifications of the instructors.

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