Auckland Driving Academy A1 – Drive Beyond Average!

March 22, 2013 at 11:50 AM

Not Your Average Driving Academy

Call us a driving academy or call us a driving school or call us driving instructors, but never call us average! We believe that to teach you superior driving skills, we need to be superior ourselves. That means having qualified driving instructors, reliable vehicles, affordable driving lessons, Auckland-wide service and a pass rate to be proud of. All of these things are what you should look for in any driving school.

Why Our Driving Academy Succeeds

We want to help you get your licence. To do that, we give you professional driver training courses from qualified instructors. All of our tutors are fully qualified, so no matter where in the city you learn to drive you can be sure your instructor has the experience and knowledge to help you become a competent and confident driver. Because we only employ the best driving instructors, our success rate is high. You can't help but succeed when you're being taught by the best, which is why our recruitment policy is aimed at attracting the most suitable tutors. We have another goal in mind for you, beyond teaching you how to drive a vehicle and end up with that coveted drivers licence. Learning to drive represents just a small portion of your motoring career. After the test has been passed, you have years and years of driving to look forward to. So it's our aim to teach you how to drive safely well beyond that test. Calling on our experience as drivers and teachers, we'll advise you on what it takes to stay safe on city streets and country roads.

Demand The Best From Every Driving School

Whether you choose us as your driving school, or another company, you should insist on the very best in all areas, and a suitably qualified instructor is paramount. The most obvious sign that someone is qualified to teach you to drive is their 'I' endorsement. Beyond that, you should feel comfortable with your instructor. They're teaching you a very important skill, and their ability to communicate key messages to you is the key to developing a good relationship. Don't be afraid to speak with your instructor before you start your lessons – this allows you to break the ice and form an early rapport that will help you get the most out of every lesson. The standard of vehicle is another important factor. Not just because it's modern and looks nice as you drive the streets with you behind the wheel. It's all to do with reliability. Many lessons have been cut short because a vehicle has broken down. There's nothing more frustrating, especially when you are having that final drive before a practical test. There have even been horror stories of students having to pay to fill up a car with petrol because the instructor has been caught short. The quality of the vehicle is another thing to put on your check list! At the end of the day, the quality of the instructors, and the vehicles they teach you in, should have nothing to do with making a driving academy look good. Tutors and cars need to be superior if you are to get the most from your driving lessons. This is why there is nothing wrong with being very, very fussy when choosing a driving school. It's your success and safety on the line – you're entitled to ask us the hard questions!

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