Cheap Driving Lessons – Are They Worth It?

February 27, 2013 at 3:37 PM

Cheap driving lessons should never cut corners. Low-cost lessons should still give you a comprehensive tuition, and equip you with the skills you need to become a safe, confident and competent driver. We like to think we offer driving lessons that teach you these skills at a very affordable cost. But, as you shop around for lessons, you may be tempted to go with the cheapest driving school you can find. However, can you be sure that the cheapest lessons actually represent the best value?

When Cheap Driving Lessons Don't Pay

The less you pay, the better off you are. Right? It's a little more complicated than that! Driving schools are teaching you a hugely important skill. The professionalism and expertise of your tutors could save your life. It therefore stands to reason that qualified and experienced tutors are worth every dollar. Unfortunately, many driving schools that charge very little actually offer very little when it comes to quality tuition. Your tutor might not be a qualified NZTA instructor. They might not be able to teach you the extra skills required to pass the much stricter test at restricted level. The vehicle you learn in might not be reliable – and there's nothing worse than not receiving a full lesson because of a breakdown. Or, there might be hidden costs, such as fuel. Don't be blinded by dollar signs – or a lack of them. Check for qualifications. Check credentials. Check for experience. Check the standard of the vehicles. Check that everything is included in the price. Make your decision based on those things, not just the low cost.

Think Expertise, Not Expense

At the end of the day, all professional driving tuition should be affordable from your first driving lessons to advanced defensive driving courses; it's a matter of public safety. If it wasn't, you'd be tempted to take free lessons from a family member, or a friend. Sure, you'd save money. But at what cost? As you learn to drive, a family member or friend will probably offer to give you lessons. However, your teacher probably received their licence back in the day when a practical test lasted all of 20 minutes. How can they possibly teach you all the extra things you need to know as you go through the graduated testing process? Free lessons from family or friends are just a recipe for failure. You should always receive professional tuition, and back that up with regular drives with your family or friends as passengers – just make sure you ignore their advice and remember what we've taught you!

A Happy Balance of Cheap and Good

Your primary concern might be finding cheap driving lessons. Our prime motivation is to teach you everything you need to know, at a price you can easily afford. We think that's a very happy balance! Check out the profiles of our tutors – you'll see they're all qualified and experienced, equipped with the knowledge to help you pass your test, and become a safe driver. That's the real value of learning to drive with us. And in the long run, when you're responsible for the safety of your family, your friends and all your other passengers, that sort of expertise is priceless. Feel more confident behind the wheel, take the driving lessons that Auckland drivers need to survive our roads. Be an A1 safer driver.

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