Driver Education Auckland - READ THIS before choosing a driving school

January 15, 2013 at 7:00 PM

Driver Education in Auckland – What to Look For When Choosing a Driving School

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Whether it's you, or your child in need of driver education in Auckland, don't risk lives by opting for the wrong driving lesson options. Not all Auckland driving schools can offer the same level of expertise, skill and resources – protect yourself (or your child) by making an informed decision about driver education in Auckland. Finding the best driver education in Auckland for yourself or your child is vital. The success rate for the New Zealand restricted licence practical test is very low; just 38% in March this year, crawling up to 46% in August! More importantly, it's about driving safely and defensively for life.

Important: The wrong choice for driver education

Driver education too often comes down to the wrong choice – choosing a friend over a professional driving instructor. You (or your child) could receive all driver tuition from an unqualified person, they might be cheap but then they might also be out of touch too. Back in the day, tests were much easier. You're risking failure if they can't teach you the skills you need to pass the new – and much tougher – practical test at the restricted licence stage. The right choice when it comes to driver education is lessons from a professional driving school, backed up by hours of practice on the road with a friend or family member.

Auckland's unique challenges for new drivers

Driver education in Auckland presents unique challenges. Nowhere else in New Zealand has such a sprawling road network and as much traffic. Professional tuition is vital as you encounter these factors for the very first time. So, as you embark on a course of driving lessons in Auckland using professional tuition, what should you look for in a driving school? Who will provide the best tuition?

Choosing NZ driver education – look for the big “I”

There is no shortage of driving schools in Auckland but not all driving schools are equal! Some are better qualified to teach you (or your child) than others, and that should be the first thing you look for. Your professional driving instructor must have an “I” endorsement. This shows they are fully qualified, and endorsed by the New Zealand Transport Agency. An instructor with this endorsement has been trained to provide you with the best possible driver education in Auckland. They know which skills the testing officers are looking for in a practical test, but they can also pass on the expertise you need to be a safe driver long after you've gained your full licence. When you're looking for driver education for your child, this is vital for keeping them safe on the road.

Other important factors to consider when choosing a driving school

Driver education isn't just about qualifications – there are other considerations to keep in mind. Some other important factors to consider include: a choice of well-maintained automatic and manual vehicles instructors in your area a driving school that offers lessons at a time that suits you no extra or hidden costs – tuition fees should include everything including petrol and insurance a high-pass rate Choosing driver education in Auckland, for yourself or for your child, could be a life or death choice. It's vital to instill good, safe driving practices from the very start. You need a qualified driving instructor who can teach you the driving skills required to pass this tough test. More importantly, road crashes are the biggest killer of teenage drivers in New Zealand – 700 teenagers have died on our roads in the past decade. Learner drivers of any age, but particularly younger drivers, really do need to choose the best driver education Auckland has to offer – not just to pass the test but to survive!

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