Driver Training Courses – Go Pro and Save More than Money

March 21, 2013 at 3:30 PM

The Benefits Of Driver Training Courses

Driver training courses, where you pay for professional tuition, could be the difference between success and failure when it comes to getting your drivers licence. There's nothing to stop you getting free lessons from a friend or family member, but if you want to pass your test with a minimum of fuss, and attempts, you're better off investing a few dollars and receiving tuition from qualified driving instructors.

The Trouble With Free Lessons

Your parents, and other family members of a certain age, have probably told you all about the good old days - when there were jobs for all, when going to the movies was cheap and when getting a driver's licence was a piece of cake.

Until the late 90s, the driving test consisted of a moderately easy theoretical exam followed by a practical test that was little more than a spin around the block. You could, quite literally, get your licence in a matter of minutes! Compare that to today's graduated licensing system, particularly the very tough test at the restricted stage, and you'll agree they certainly had it easy back in the day.

Because the New Zealand driving test was much easier, a minimum of practice and preparation was required to pass it. And that's the downside of having a parent teach you to drive. Their experience of getting a licence, and your experience of getting a licence, are a million miles apart.

Faced as you are with a much more rigorous testing process, it's unreasonable to expect that an older driver can teach you how to meet today's standards. What they needed to know back then, and what you need to know to know today, is like chalk and cheese. And don't even get us started on the driving tests for class 2 licences!

Driver Training Courses Lead To Test Success

We're professional tutors, offering driver training courses. A big part of our job is to keep up to date with current testing standards, and pass that information onto you when you learn to drive with us. Our driving lessons will give you a very good idea of the stringent testing process recently introduced by the New Zealand Transport Agency.

This is essential knowledge as you approach your test, and something a well-meaning parent or family friend cannot teach you. We don't have to be in the car with you every time you drive. A good idea is to pay for several lessons with us, and then go out driving with a fully licensed family member or a friend.

Use the knowledge and skills we pass on to you. Don't listen to the advice you're likely to receive from a parent or a mate. While they mean well, it's important you stay focused on what we teach you. After all, we know what the new practical test is all about, and what the examiner will be looking for as you go for your restricted licence. Learn from us....listen to us...and then, ask a parent or friend to accompany you as you rack up as many hours as you can behind the wheel.

Parents, friends and proper driver training courses - that's a winning combination, and the best way to pass that tough practical test.

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