DO Cyclists Make Better Drivers?

August 04, 2014 at 5:15 PM

Stop what you are doing for a minute and read this interesting article which summarizes the results of a detailed research project undertaken by Harbour Sport.

In that project, Harbour Sport surveyed and interviewed driving instructors and young people over a ten month period and compiled their findings into a comprehensive report.

The report suggests that young people who are accomplished cyclists make better drivers and as a result, Harbour Sport is recommending that all young people take comprehensive cycle training before attempting to obtain a driver’s licence.

The main reason for the recommendation is that young people who have experience with cycling on the road have a much better and healthier understanding of the rules of the road.

If the relevant authorities were to follow the recommendations laid out in the report, there would be many benefits including a lower number of motor vehicle accidents involving young people said Jay Martin, Harbour Sport’s Active Communities Manager.

Category: Driving Techniques