Multi-lane Roundabouts – The Approach

August 09, 2018 at 4:30 PM

As with other intersections, you need to be looking well ahead as you approach a multi-lane roundabout to figure out which lane you need to be in and the exit you will need to take to get to your destination.

roundabout.jpgLookout for road markings and road signs meant to help you pick the correct lane.

Follow these steps as you get close to the multi-lane roundabout:

  • Move to the lane you need to be in as you approach the roundabout. Remember to indicate, check your mirrors and blind spots every time you’re moving to a different lane.
  • Plan the course you are going to take through the roundabout.
  • Slow down as you near the roundabout and shift down gears (for manuals).
  • Indicate the direction you want to go: right for right and left for left. Don’t signal (yet) if you’re driving straight ahead.
  • Asses the traffic in the roundabout to find a safe gap to drive into.
  • If all is clear, then you can join the traffic in the roundabout and follow the route you planned prior to arriving at the roundabout. Make sure to give way to vehicles in the outer lanes of the roundabout when you want to join an inner lane.

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